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Parking: Policies and Procedures

Marina Heights Parking Authority:

Policies and procedures pertaining to traffic and parking at Marina Heights are necessary to establish safe driving conditions and the orderly parking of vehicles. The facilities management staff fully recognizes the difficulties of this task and has sought every means possible to develop traffic and parking regulations that are reasonable. The general policies and procedures for vehicles parking at the Marina Heights facility were developed to provide as equitable an assignment of parking privileges as possible, and a maximum use of all parking areas consistent with the best interests of the entire population at the facility, including employees, vendors, and visitors.

Authority & Liability:

Under the direction of the General Manager of Transwestern, who is empowered to decide traffic and parking matters not covered by the written policy, the Downtown Tempe Authority (DTA) shall implement and enforce policies and procedures governing traffic and parking matters. Marina Heights assumes no liability or responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents parked in the parking areas or facilities. In the event that a parking gate hits your vehicle, report the incident to the Security Command Center, located in Building 2, immediately. Security will write an incident report and obtain your contact information. A member from the Property Management team will contact you.

Assistant Call Boxes:

Assistant call boxes are located at all of the entrances/exits to the stairwells on B1 & B2 and on floors 1 - 7 in Building 1 and Building 5 Garages.

Compact Stalls:

In an effort to increase visibility and ease of access, parking in stalls marked COMPACT is prohibited to non-compact vehicles and compact vehicles with trailers, truck camper shells, and vehicles with hitches.

These vehicles can create visibility problems for other drivers by obscuring their view of tight corners, signs, and other vehicles in the drive path.

Please utilize any of the open area parking stalls that are not marked compact to park vehicle that full under this category.

Marina Heights Windshield Replacements/Repairs Policy and Procedures:

Individuals with the desire to conveniently get their windshield replaced or repaired while at work can receive the proper permit at the service window located in Building 2 the day before the scheduled repairs. All windshield repairs will take place in lot E unless given permission by the parking authority or management to perform the work within the garage on days with inclement weather.

A permit will be issued at the service window which must be displayed on the vehicles dash, visible from the windshield. The permit will be valid only for the day the maintenance is taking place and all trash and debris created during repairs must be picked up either by the individual conducting the repairs or the associate themselves. Any individuals found without the proper permit is subject to immobilization and/or receiving a fine.

Questions, please contact the Marina Heights Parking Authority at (480)-990-5120 or visit the service window in building 2.

Please note - no other vehicle repairs will be allowed.

Plaza / Surface level Parking Policies:

Plaza parking is solely reserved for retail customers only with a 2 hour maximum, additional long term covered parking is located within the parking structure on the first floor. There is no parking for associates on the plaza, any vehicle belonging to a working associate found parked on the plaza will be booted upon site.

Within the garage, ALL surface level parking stalls are reserved primarily for retail visitors only with the exception of several reserved parking stalls and motorcycle parking. Any employee found parked within visitor parking will be given a written warning upon the first offense, any infraction that follows will result in being booted and issued a fine.

Parking Garage Rules and Regulations:

The following regulations are intended to facilitate the work of the tenants, staff and visitors through control of parking and movement of motor vehicles while on the property:

All Marina Heights tenant vehicles parking within jurisdictional areas must be registered with DTA in order for parking credentials to be activated. Restrictions in gated lots remain in effect at all times, even when gate arms are in the “up” position or in need of repair. Unless given permission by the operator of this garage, no person shall enter or remain in this garage for any purpose other than to park or retrieve a vehicle during the hours the garage is open. All other are considered trespassers in this garage pursuant to ARS 13-1502. Parking on Marina Heights property is a privilege that may be withdrawn for noncompliance with the regulations.

All signs and markings are in the interests of parking control and safety, and must be obeyed under penalty of citation and/or relocating the vehicle at owner’s expense. Removal, damage or defacing of such signs or markings is illegal; violators are subject to arrest and prosecution.
While parking at Marina Heights, only marked stalls may be used. A warning may be issued for parking outside of marked stalls or for “creating a space”. When a legitimate parking space is unavailable and in some cases obstructed by another vehicle, seek an alternate stall. Inability to locate a legal parking space will not excuse a parking violation.

The speed limit on the facility and the Parking Garage has been restricted to 10 miles per hour. Persons exceeding the posted speed limit will receive a warning citation and the possibility of a more severe consequence due to jeopardizing the safety of others. Garage and/or its operators reserved the right to exclude person from entering this facility.

The possession of any weapon or firearm on person or stored in a vehicle is prohibited at this facility. Do not post or place on cars any handbills, flyers or posters

Marina Heights Management team reserves the right to close any parking area or roadway for reasons of cleaning, repair, safety, and other instances as needed. Vehicles parked within such areas closed by barricades, signs, or notification may be relocated at owner’s expense.

There are, throughout the facilities parking structures, an adequate number of handicapped parking spaces per ADA regulations. These spaces are reserved solely for vehicles bearing special license plates and/or permits issued by a state motor vehicle department. The handicap spaces with the hash marks, handicap ramps, are specifically for the handicapped parking spaces. This area allows the vehicle to deploy its ramp, as well as, provide space for wheel chair access. All handicapped ramps must remain free of obstruction at all times. Vehicles parked in these spaces without an appropriate permit will be subject to a $100 fine and relocating at any time without further notice. All handicap stalls located on ground level (level 1 & Plaza) are solely reserved for retail guest/customers and are not intended for the use of any tenants and their associates.

Circumstances permitting, the Parking Authority will attempt to assist tenants requiring a jump start of their vehicles. However, neither the parking authority, nor any other Marina Heights Management staff, shall assume responsibility for damages or liability.

Acknowledge that the garage may have turns that are visually impaired, cutting corners will not be tolerated in order to minimize the risk of accidents to other vehicles and pedestrians using the garage.


The following is a list of common reason a vehicle can be cited but not limited to;

  • Parking in a HANDICAPPED space without displaying the proper credentials
  • Parked in a NO PARKING zone
  • Parked in a Fire lane, 15ft from a Fire Hydrant or causing a Safety Hazard
  • Blocking entrance to building or driveway (fire department regulation)
  • Unauthorized parking in a RESERVED PARKING AREA
  • Improperly parked (on/over stall lines, taking up multiple stalls)
  • Vehicles not in acceptable condition (leaking fluids, disabled)
  • Parked in a loading/unloading zone
  • Improper use of plaza parking spaces
  • Tampering with any parking equipment
  • Backing into a space with a solid wall
  • Excessive speeding
  • Non-compact vehicles parking in compact stalls
  • Employees parking in visitors sections

Note: Repeat offenders will be booted and fined


ALL vehicles found illegally parked are subject to being relocated or booted at the owner’s expense. Depending on the severity of the offence and/or the number of infractions a vehicle has been cited for will determine the severity of the reprimand. If an individual has reoccurring offenses, restrictions to the garage will be determined and the possibility of parking privileges being revoked. In the event a vehicle is cited for a violation, a record is created containing the registered owner’s information, the reason for the citation and photographs highlighting the incident.

Prevent Theft:

Park your vehicle in a stall. Lock your vehicle; do not leave any valuables in your vehicle. Please, report any suspicious activity to DTA the garage operator or Security.

Lost or stolen badges / AVI tags:

Due to the security risk, immediately report a lost or stolen badge to the security desk so that it can be deactivated and a new badge be reissued.

Booting, Relocating and towing:

Booting can occur after receiving the “first and final” warning for violating the rules and regulations of the facilities parking structures. This can also be applied at any time depending on how extreme the violation is. If a booting device is necessary, an administration fee of $50.00 will have to be collected before the removal of the boot can take place. In more severe situations, if the Parking Authority cannot reach the owner of the vehicle and it is deemed necessary, the vehicle will be relocated or towed at the owner’s expense.

Overnight Parking:

In the event a vehicle is staying over a 24 hour period, an overnight parking permit request needs to be filled out. In an effort to assign a proper location for the vehicle to park for an extended period of time, a request must be filled out 24 hours before the vehicle is parked. Once a request has been received, a safe and unobstructed location will be assigned for that vehicle to reside in per the duration of the permit. Once a permit is assigned, the permit will need to be displayed on the dash, visible from the front windshield. Additionally, If disabled vehicles cannot be removed and will remain beyond 5 P.M., it must be reported to the Parking Authority so that an overnight parking permit can be issued.

Exclusion of Liability:

By using this garage, you agree that Marina Heights and its garage operators are not responsible for custody of, damage to, or theft of vehicles or property on these premises. All persons using or otherwise present upon these premises assume all risk of loss, damage or injury to their persons or vehicles.

Parking Authority Contacts:

If you have any questions regarding the policies and procedures pertaining to the facilities parking structures, please feel free to contact the Marina Heights Parking Authority at: (480)-990-5120.

HID Badge:
Once a vehicle has pulled up to the gate and activated the reader, an HID badge can be scanned to gain access to the garage. If the vehicle has an AVI tag present, the scanner will try to read the AVI first before accepting an HID scan.
Note: In the event neither access tool works, pull a ticket and notify the front lobby or the Parking Authority.


Invalid Card - The scanner will displays an "Invalid Card" message in the event the reader scans a card that is; not registered in the Marina Heights Parking System.

Wrong Presents - The scanner will display a "Wrong Presents". When receiving this message it means the system has the vehicle as already entered in the garage. This occurs primarily when let out of the garage by other means than the access tool used to enter. If the AVI is used to enter, only the AVI will work to exit and the HID badge will not and vice versa.

Motorcycles - It is strongly advised not to place an AVI tag on a motorcycle due to various placement positions and the difficulty the scanner has trying to read them. It is highly encouraged that motorcyclist prepare their badges ahead of time in an easily accessible location to insure a consistent and reliable method of accessing the garage.

For further questions please contact the Parking Authority at (480)-990-5120 for assistance.

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