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Medical Emergencies

Persons in a building may become ill or be injured from a variety of sources. In the event that someone requires medical assistance, tenants should know how to request assistance. Statistics show that response is most effective if authorities are called directly (using 911). Direct calling to emergency medical service dispatchers allows information to be given directly to a dispatcher who can relay information to the responding unit.

  1. Call 911 - provide the following information:
    • Your name;
    • The address of the building with cross streets;
    • Floor number and location of emergency;
    • The patient's suspected injury or illness;
    • Is the individual conscious and breathing?
  2. Notify Security - 480-990-5100 - Typically, this should be done by a person other than the individual making the 911 call to speed up notification and allow the other individual to remain on line with the emergency dispatcher. Security will notify the Transwestern Building Management Office.
  3. Unless individuals have been properly trained, they should be directed not to attempt to move or assist the injured person unless the person in need of assistance is in danger of further, more severe injury. Try to make them as comfortable as possible.
  4. Reassure the accident victim or ill person that emergency assistance is on the way.
  5. Security will meet the emergency unit in the lobby of the building to escort them to the injured person.