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Action to Take:

First and foremost, stay calm. Think through the consequences of any action you take. If you are inside, stay inside. If you are outdoors, stay there. In earthquakes, most injuries occur as people are entering or leaving buildings.

If you are Indoors:

Take cover under a heavy desk, table, or bench - or along an inside wall. Tuck you head between your knees and protect your head with your arms. Watch for falling objects. Stay away from glass. Don't use candles, matches, or other open flames during or after the tremor because of possible gas leaks.

If you are Outside:

Move away from buildings and utility wires. The greatest danger from falling debris is just outside doorways and close to outer walls. Once in the open, stay there until the shaking stops.

If in a Moving Car:

Stop as quickly as safety permits, but stay in the vehicle. A car may jiggle violently on its springs, but it is a good place to stay until the shaking stops. When you drive on, watch for hazards created by the earthquake, such as fallen or falling objects, downed electric wires, or broken or undermined roadways.