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Bomb Threats

Although bomb threats are usually associated with telephone calls or letters announcing that a bomb has been placed on the property, bombs are also sent via mail, special delivery or messenger services. Avoid human and property loss by being on alert for oddly addressed packages and unusual packages.

Oddly Addressed Packages

  • Sender Unknown
  • No return address
  • Restrictive warnings such as "Personal", "Private", "Fragile- Handle with Care", and/or "Rush - Do not Delay"
  • Addressee who never gets personal mail at the business address
  • Inaccuracy in the name, title or address
  • Distorted or unusual handwriting

Unusual Packages

  • Odd shape, size, wrapping color
  • Stains on the wrapper (particularly oil stains)
  • Odors
  • Bulges
  • Unbalanced or excessive weight
  • Contents that slosh
  • Any sound (particularly ticking or buzzing)
  • Wires, tin foil or strings protruding
  • Excessive postage

If you are suspicious of a package or letter, do not open the article. Isolate the article, contact 911 and evacuate the area immediately.

Responding to a Bomb Threat via Mail

  • Save all materials (envelope, packing material, contents)
  • Be careful to preserve fingerprints.

Never ignore a written warning. Call 911 immediately and then report the threat to Security and to the Building Management Office. Activate appropriate search and/or evacuation procedures based upon the information contained in the threat.

Responding to a Bomb Threat via Telephone

The following is a telephone threat checklist that should be adhered to when a bomb threat is received via telephone.

Remember to Remain Calm

Who Received the Call?

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Date Call Received
  • Time Received
  • Signature

General Questions to Ask

  • What Is It?
  • When is the bomb going to explode, or, when will the substance be released?
  • Where did you put it?
  • What does it look like?
  • When did you put it there?
  • How will the bomb explode, or, how will the substance be released?
  • Did you put it there?
  • Why did you put it there?

Bomb Threat Questions

  • What type of bomb is it?
  • What is in the bomb?
  • What will make the bomb explode?

Chemical/Biological Threat Questions

  • What type of substance is in it?
  • How much of the substance is there?
  • How will the substance be released?
  • Is the substance a liquid, powder or gas?
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