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Severe Weather Procedures

If severe weather conditions exist, an assessment of the conditions will be provided by Marina Heights containing current site conditions along with current and near future forecasts. Availability of food service, and other support services, along with parking, and utility challenges will also be communicated. A recommendation based upon available resources will be relayed to all tenants to assist with their business decisions.

Marina Heights Security and Marina Heights Management will monitor weather conditions which are or may become dangerous to Marina Heights and their occupants. Marina Heights Security response to severe weather will take priority over anything else (i.e. access control, physical key issuance, phone calls, etc.) as it is an emergency situation.

Marina Heights Security will position weather cameras to monitor incoming weather conditions.

Radio communication will be performed utilizing the appropriate “blast” channel to ensure updated information is communicated to all appropriate personnel.

A Severe Weather Checklist will be filled out by Marina Heights Security, when any severe weather has been established for Maricopa County.

Marina Heights Management will make recommendations to Tenant representatives who will make all weather related evacuation decisions regarding their employees. Severe weather evacuation and shelter in place procedures are contained within the Marina Heights manual.