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Safety & Security

Elevator Procedures

How does the Elevator CompassPlus Destination System Works?

  1. You must enter you floor number into the concierge pad every time you ride the elevator regardless if another passenger is traveling to the same floor.
    • Doors are timed to open and close based on the number of passengers for each car.
    • Entering your floor on each ride ensures a speedier ride to your destination.
    • If you do not enter your floor on each ride and there are several people traveling to the same floor, the elevator will make additional stops.
  2. Do not hitch a ride; the elevator management system counts passengers to ensure a faster ride to your destination.
  3. The concierge pad will assign an elevator by displaying a letter A - F, along with an arrow pointing in the direction of your elevator.
  4. Your assigned elevator letter will be illuminated above the elevator door. Follow the direction to your assigned elevator and enter.
  5. Arrive at your destination and exit the elevator.

What if I get in the wrong elevator or change my mind once I'm in the elevator?

You should always check the display in the doorjamb upon entering the elevator to verify that your destination floor is illuminated. If you change your mind once you’re in the elevator, press the door open button or exit at the first stop and re-enter your desired floor using the nearest call button, keypad or touch screen.

If I get delayed in the lobby do I lose my elevator assignment?

The CompassPlus system accounts for the time it takes to walk to the elevator. However, if you are significantly delayed, you may lose your elevator assignment. Simply re-enter your floor destination at the nearest keypad or touch screen to receive another assignment.

Why does the CompassPlus system assign me to an elevator when there is another elevator at my floor with the doors open?

The elevator waiting with the doors open may have already been assigned to another destination, while your elevator is specifically designated to take you to your requested floor more quickly. Do not enter the elevator with the doors open wait for your assigned elevator.

Elevators are one of the safest modes of transportation. The specifications for elevator construction, installation and operation are highly regulated. Safety devices, combined with regular inspections from regulatory agencies, further insure the safety of elevator travel.

Even with these precautions, the increasingly sophisticated circuitry found on many modern elevators can result in a malfunction.

How does the system work for persons with disabilities?

Press the accessibility button first to initiate vocal instructions, then your destination. This will give the elevator door extra time to reach and enter the elevator.

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