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Floor Evacuation Plan

A floor evacuation map will be located near the elevator bank area. All floor occupants and floor evacuation teams should adhere to these procedures in the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of the building.

  1. All floor occupants are responsible for evacuating the building immediately upon hearing or seeing the alarm. Each person should proceed to the nearest exit.
  2. Each Floor Evacuation Team is responsible for the safe and orderly evacuation of all floor occupants.
    1. This will best be accomplished through an organized team consisting of a floor warden, assistant floor warden(s), safety directors, exit monitors, impairment monitors and accountability monitors.
    2. The process of evacuation begins on the floor and ends outside at the assembly area.
    3. The technique of sweeping the floor will be used to confirm that everyone has heard the alarm and responded appropriately by evacuating the building.

Sweeping is the physical task of walking the entire floors, opening closed doors (or knocking if locked), and checking the restrooms to ensure all occupants are aware of the alarm.

In the event there is a vacancy on the team, the Floor Warden shall make every attempt to fill the vacancy by moving an alternate person, if applicable and making sure the evacuation team floor roster is updated.

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