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Evacuation Procedures

Each tenant is responsible to appoint one floor monitor and one or more alternates to ensure that all occupants are accounted for during an evacuation. It is the responsibility of each employee to know his/her company emergency leader and alternates.


  • Keep calm
  • Follow instructions of your company emergency leader
  • Close the door of your office as you leave.
  • Form evacuation line - two abreast.
  • Use enclosed stairwell for evacuation.
  • Keep talking to a minimum.
  • No smoking
  • Use handrails in enclosed stairwells.
  • Listen for instructions and follow them.
  • The company emergency leader will coordinate evacuation of handicapped.


  • Do not go to the elevators - they will not respond.
  • Once you have left your area, do not return for coats, purses, etc.
  • Do not run or create panic.
  • Do not return to the office until "ALL CLEAR" is given.

Please review evacuation plans at each floor.