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Suspicious Packages

If you suspect a package is suspicious note the following:

  • Do not touch the package. It may trigger a detonation. A suspicious package may have the following characteristics:
    • Odd shape, size, wrapping color
    • Stains on the wrapper (particularly oil stains)
    • Odors
    • Bulges
    • Unbalanced or excessive weight
    • Any sound (particularly ticking or buzzing)
    • Wires, tin foil or strings protruding
    • Excessive postage
  • An unattended package that have remained for a period of time
  • Report the situation to the Management Office immediately. Before calling the police, the Building Management personnel will attempt to find out if the suspicious package belongs to any one of the tenants or visitors in the building.
  • Evacuate and cordon off the immediate area to prevent inadvertent exposure to danger. Vibrations from movement near the suspicious item may cause an explosion or a timing mechanism may be set to activate the device within minutes of placement.
The Management Office will determine if it is appropriate to call the authorities based on the circumstances.