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Elevator Emergencies


Emergency call buttons are in each elevator and are to be used when the elevator malfunctions. Pushing the button activates the call and will ring directly to the Security Operations Center. The SOC will place a 3-way call to Otis Elevator (1-800-233-6847) keeping the entrapped person on the phone. At the same time he will dispatch Engineering to the Fire Command Room of the building where the elevator emergency occurred and dispatch a security officer to the malfunctioned elevator. Alerts will be sent to Transwestern and State Farm representatives via radio communication or a direct phone call. Marina Heights Security or Marina Heights Management will assess the situation and when deemed necessary, will contact emergency number (911).


The following procedure will be followed:

When an emergency call is placed to the Security Operations Center, the location of the building and which elevator the call is being placed from will be reflected on the Otis Elevator Monitoring screen. An SOC officer and an Otis operator will remain on the call with the trapped individual and at the same time, they will page the mechanic on call. Once the mechanic has been reached, Otis operator will provide both the person trapped and Security with an ETA. From this point the Otis operator along with the SOC officer are trained to help keep the person calm and help ease the issue. If the person trapped needs to call another person, the SOC officer has the ability to patch in an outside phone call and stay in a conference call if needed.

Otis has employees that are fluent in Spanish and French as well. If the entrapped person speaks a different language they have a translation service available that they will contact and have a third party help interpret the call.

All of the calls are recorded and the information is time stamped in their computer system with call times, dispatch times, arrival times and special notes as needed.

Marina Heights Security will notify Marina Heights Engineering, State Farm and dispatch an officer to the elevator. Marina Heights Engineering will report to the Fire Command Center to work with the Otis Elevator Technician to clear the malfunction. Marina Heights Security Officer will remain at the malfunctioning cab.

NOTE: Marina Heights Security Officers will not power down the main switch and they will not attempt to remove the individual(s) from the elevator.

Otis Dispatch Phone # 1-800-233-6847