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Safety & Security

Security Guards

Security guards are located in each building lobby, within the security operations center, and throughout the project in several locations as well as on the Plaza which they will roam around the site. The security guard is not armed, and should not be expected to physically intervene under any circumstances.

The main security operations center (SOC) is located in the lobby of Building 2. Should an access badge replacement be needed, check in at the SOC lobby window, and a temporary badge will be issued.

The security guards have been instructed not to allow anyone in the building who has not been properly badged and vetted into restricted areas, controlled tenant areas or after-hours operations. Access to the property will be by access card only for all non-public areas.

For security reasons, anyone not having a key to your suite or offices will not be admitted by Transwestern Building Management personnel or the security guard.

Please notify Security and the Building Management Office of any personnel changes.

Security: 480-990-5100

Building Management Office: 480-990-5180